Azaria launches THX Total Hair Experts into the UK hair tools market!


Our objective was to promote Genuine Dermaroller Therapy as a leading non-invasive cosmetic treatment, as well as to establish the brand, service, and results as the market leader in the micro-needling arena.

Our Activity

Using a celebrity angle, we successfully launched the treatment in to the UK by communicating that A-listers, such as Angelina Jolie, were fans. We also secured appointments with leading beauty journalists from national newspapers in a dedicated press day at a top Harley Street clinic and supported local practitioners with regional press activity.

Using real-life testimonials we created a bank of case studies that could be used to communicate the benefits of the treatment in different media outlets such as women’s weekly titles and on television. We also worked with key practitioners to place them in trade publications as well as putting them forward for radio and television opportunities.

We designed, launched, established and ran the Genuine Dermaroller social media sites. Facebook and Twitter became the key communication tools for the brand, not only as a point of contact for the general public but also as a key resource for medical practitioners.  Daily content was used to engage both and it was also linked to the Azaria-written Genuine Dermaroller blog each month, aiming to alleviate any consumer ‘fear factor’ and convey brand and industry news.


  • Quality coverage in high-end glossy titles and national newspapers, including in-depth information on the treatment itself plus numerous positive reviews.
  • Genuine Dermaroller regularly featured on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies and recommended by celebrity surgeons. 
  • Further celebrity endorsement, journalist endorsements and customer testimonials to be used in marketing materials.
  • First-class relationships established with the brand’s leading medical practitioners and successfully supported clinics on a local level.
  • Increased awareness of the treatment and its benefits to the skin.
  • Drove traffic to the website and, from there, to the approved and trained clinics.

More Case Studies



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